General Purpose Vinyl - universal white vinyl used in the majority of printing applications.
Car Vinyl - a specialized and flexible vinyl designed to conform to the curves and
edges of vehicles. Used on exterior vehicle application and irregular surfaces.
Translucent Vinyl - a vinyl designed to let light pass through. Used in illuminated signs, sign boxes, etc.
Perforated Vinyl - this vinyl is composed of thousands of holes and when
installed on a window, does not compromise visibility. Used for window vinyl.
Static Vinyl - a non-adhesive vinyl that uses natural static electricity to stick to
glass, making it easily removable. Used on glass applications.
Removable Vinyl - special vinyl designed to be easily removed from surfaces
once applied. Used in situations where signs are often replaced.
Reflective Vinyl - High visibility vinyl that reflects light, perfect for signs that
may be used in the dark, or just to make your sign more visible. Used primarily on
vehicles, road signs, safety signs, etc.
Backlit film Non-adhesive - a thin yet strong translucent sheet. Used in snap
frames, sign boxes, menu boards, etc.

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